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Cambodia branch introduction

The Cambodia branch is established in the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone in Cambodia. Jiangsu Manxiu Law Firm assigns key lawyers to run this branch smoothly. The main responsibility of the Cambodia branch is to provide Wuxi investment enterprises and overseas Chinese with legal services. Since its establishment, the Cambodia branch has served more than 200 companies from all of Cambodia, and has received unanimous praise from Chinese investors.

Scope of Service: legal consultation, enterprise registration, tax declaration, etc., to help Chinese enterprises invest and operate legally in Cambodia.

Contact: Li Jian attorney at law

Cambodia branch address: 2/F, Special Economic Zone Complex, Sihanoukville, Cambodia,Tel:+855884279363

Address of Jiangsu Manxiu Law Firm: 22 / F, Yanchuang Building, No.1 Yinbai Road, Liyuan Development Zone, Wuxi, 

Tel: 86 510 82821395


1. To deal with the acquisition of Cambodian Timber Company by N Company

2. Assist M Energy Company to apply for export qualification of Cambodian agricultural and forest product. 

3. Assist K Building Materials Company to complete the enterprise change, which meets the requirements of Cambodia investment and ODI requirements of China.

4. To deal with the penalties for Chinese employees without legal work permit in Cambodia.

5. To deal with the labor disputes between a Chinese employee and a Cambodian company.

6. To deal with the illegal strike by employees of a Cambodian company.