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“Belt & Road Initiative” Legal Service Center is a professional platform set up by WUXI Lawyers Association to provide legal support for cross-border investment of WUXI enterprises. 

Since President Xi Jinping put forward the Belt and Road Initiative in September 2013, the construction of BRI has achieved fruitful results as a pioneering practice of constructing a community of shared future for all mankind.  

As the cradle for China's national industry and rural industries, WUXI is an old industrial city full of modern vitality. With the deepening of the international cooperation of BRI, more and more WUXI enterprises have gained new opportunities in the whole-new investment environment and market through going overseas. At the same time, WUXI enterprises are also facing great challenges and bottlenecks during development, and the demand for overseas legal services is continuously growing. 

In this regard, WUXI Lawyers Association played an active role in establishing the “Belt & Road Initiative” Legal Service Center which aims to introduce high-quality overseas legal service resources, establish an overseas legal service database for WUXI enterprises that intend to or have made overseas investments, and connect these two together.  

WUXI Lawyers Association aspires that the establishment of the “Belt & Road Initiative” Legal Service Center can better help overseas Chinese enterprises avoid risks, protect their rights and interests, solve disputes, and accompany WUXI enterprises to go overseas.